Midiautoria é um espaço para se falar sobre ser autor em uma sociedade midiatizada. Sentidos circulam nos/ por intermédio de diversos instrumentos tecnolingüísticos, constituindo efeitos de sentidos. Pensar, aqui, sobre as materialidades e suas potencialidades para um processo de autoria, que implica sempre heterogeneidade, acaba por nos colocar no movimento de ser autor.


Doutora em Educação e estudiosa na área de tecnologia, em uma perspectiva discursiva.


Arte, Tecnologia, Visibilidade, Google

A project by Markus Kison.
Signficativa representação de uma das relações entre sujeito e mídia.

While in earlier times richness and importance were equal to the amount of money or jewels someone possessed, in a post information society it's the attention you get from the worlds people, that counts. Being in people's mind means being important, whether they think about you in a positive way our not doesn't matter. And what people have in their mind is what they read in the media. In the future this will mean, what they read/see on the net. Every content creator that copies and pastes your name will rise the value of your virtual mirrored importance. And there is a hard mechanical algorithm on the net, that extremely objectively measures your appearance, it's called Google and has already passed the "line of no return" (Bruce Sterling). In most job interviews the personnel manager will already use this machine to check your importance and have a look at the first answers this mirror tells about you. Your mirror identity strikes back on your chances in the real world.

The VanityRing focusses on this development, taking it to an ironic peak. Rings are well known status symbols, and the included jewel's weight in carat is a comparable value for the personal ranking of its owner (the largest two diamonds are in the British crown jewels). The VanityRing doesn't have a jewel, instead it shows the number of hits one gets, when he searches Google for the name of the person who wears it, a more adequate value in our time. It is personalized using a custom software, and after the name is typed the ring will change its display to show the personal "attention carats", while every night, when it is inserted into its docking station the ring is reloaded and updated.

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